Josephine Robéus on entitled madmen -and why we have to fight them.

Josephine Robéus on entitled madmen -and why we have to fight them.

Posted by Ulrika in Okategoriserade 02 apr 2023

Today I was outraged.

The woman I met, who knows of my work in Ukraine, was serious when she questioned why Ukraine couldn’t just have continued under a Russian rule.

When I pointed out that last time I checked it was an independent country which Russia has invaded she said that Ukraine always had been in such a close relationship with Russia and that this war had started because Ukraine just couldn’t come to terms with that it needed Russia.

And then she had the audacity to say that the war was pointless, not on the note that the invasion was pointless, no it was pointless that Ukraine was fighting back.

According to her Ukraine should just have allowed Russia to take over.

It hit me on such a personal note, not because I actually have any personal experience of how matters was before in Ukraine but I related to my experience of the toxic relationship with an alcoholic sociopath I endured and, thankfully, now is free from. It took all my strength to stand up and kick him out and many didn’t believe me when I told about the abuse I had been subjected to.

Some actually said that “You should take him back, he really loves you, that’s why he’s acting this way”. By authorities I was told it would be better if I moved and changed identity instead of trying to get him convicted. And I really had to fight to become free, I was threatened, stalked, he tried to break in to my house, infiltrated and threatened my friends and coworkers.

It took years to get him convicted in court, the last appeal from his side that he was innocent I won last year in November. His appeal was that my bruises was supposedly self inflicted… Sometimes I still look over my shoulder, fearing that that he will try to hurt me or sabotage my life.

This part of my life is not something I like to talk about but I couldn’t help myself when this woman began talking about the relationship between Ukraine and Russia. It all of a sudden threw me back to my own private “war” and I blurted out in the shop where we were and asked her “As a comparison, If you don’t want to stay in a relationship should you not be free to leave? Wouldn’t you too fight if someone tried to force you into a relationship you don’t want? And even more so when said person is destroying your home and try to kill you because they can’t take no for an answer?”

After my outburst the woman said “You are right”.

I don’t know if she meant it, but I really hope so.

I had to fight my “war” more or less on my own, the legal fees way surpassed the compensation I got financially but I was fighting for my freedom and for my life and for the next person to have the misfortune to come across this man. To fight for that is never pointless.

What is pointless is the destruction of madmen who think they are entitled to something that isn’t theirs.

What is terrible is that there always will be people believing the madmen and that not always enough people stand up to them.

What is terrible is to be alone in the fight against such. And what is even more terrible is to lose the fight or give in.

What is terrible is that big and small wars has to be fought because the madness of humans who think themselves entitled to issue control and dominion over others through violence, threats and intimidation, for ego, for financial gain, for status or power or ideas.

What is terrible and pointless is the destruction left by these madmen.

The woman has been living in Sweden for many years but was born Russian.

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